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Koolie Adoption   Nsw

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New home for Kane after his time ran out

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Koolie Adoption

Trudy & Ken Dive: 02 47511007

Owners of two Koolie Rescues, Dylan a red merle male and Roxie a blue merle female.
Both Koolies were on death row, Dylan had a broken jaw and was missing teeth.
Both were abandoned, Roxie as an over excitable, unmanageable misfit. Dylan as a failed worker and too timid.

Both were taken in by Ken and Trudy as fosters, they agreed to care for the Koolies until  good homes could be found and then the Koolie magic took over and the rest is history.


Now both Koolies compete in Obedience and have successfully trained and compete in sheep herding, Dylan and Roxie show wonderful natural instincts all they needed were the right understanding and loving family to unlock all their potential.


As with so many wonderful people who open up their hearts and homes to offer a rescue a second chance, itís hard to stop at one and now Ken and Trudy answer calls of help and assist many shelters in Nsw to find those special few who will, like themselves fall under the spell of a Koolie and offer a forever home.


If you are looking to extend your family why not enquire at the Koolie Adoption or place your name down for a Rescue, Trudy and Ken can answer all your questions and can advise you if a Koolie is the right dog for you.


If you are interested in becoming a Koolie volunteer or foster give them a call and have a chat, they are always happy to talk about Koolies.

Dylan and Roxie Ken and Trudy's first Rescues
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